Your go-to resource for contingent workforce solutions

HealthCare Select specializes in contingent workforce solutions specific to the healthcare industry.  Our collaborative approach assists hospital administrators with determining which solutions are right for their organization. Right when they need it.

HealthCare Select’s vast network of leading healthcare professionals and software companies make it all possible—with partnerships benchmarking the best VMS trends, technology, and contingent labor solutions available in the industry. Our expertise in providing comprehensive Managed Supplier Programs (MSP) optimizes technology, supplier resources and services to save your organization time and money.

A smart, client-centered philosophy

Our mission is to become the leader in intelligent workforce management solutions. Operating from this foundational purpose, we:

  • Create strong partnerships with our healthcare clients
  • Deliver the highest quality services and intelligent solutions
  • Produce good value by supplying high quality at a low cost
  • Commit to continuous process improvement
  • Provide an atmosphere that motivates and inspires people
  • Build alliances with key strategic partners