Why Partner with HealthCare Select?

Make open job orders flow smoothly—without engaging your sales team.

Our vendor neutral approach gives you a level playing field to expand your business within our client’s organization.  As a Staffing Provider for Healthcare Select, you willbenefit from our proven process combined with experienced people and powerful technology that streamlines the staffing process for facilities nationwide. HealthCare Select secures detailed job requirements for direct-hire and contingent staff and completes the on-boarding for you. What’s more, your organization will increase business opportunities with a large network of healthcare facilities nationwide.

Our web-based vendor neutral technology automates the job requirements, timekeeping, credentials and invoicing. It reduces time-consuming steps involving paperwork and phone calls while also further improving response time and fill rates. You have one point of contact and personalized service for the entire hospital, eliminating your need for a full time sales contact.

The Benefits of Partnering with HealthCare Select:

  • Fast and efficient contract process and insurance compliance
  • Vendor neutrality levels the playing field for all open orders
  • Opportunity to generate new business with facilities not already in sales territory
  • A single point of contact for direct-hire and contingent staff requests
  • Save time and boost efficiency through a dedicated resource that will help you streamline process for coordinating paperwork, invoicing and interviews
  • Improve employee retention by increasing the number of opportunities available for your candidates
  • Fair and competitive pricing and standardized bill rates
  • Payments are made timely and within net terms

Our Staffing Providers operate on an equal playing field without vendor bias. We are not a staffing company so we do not compete for our client’s orders. All qualified submittals go straight to the client manager. The client bases their hiring decisions on quality, availability, pricing and compliance.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Staffing Provider for HealthCare Select, contact us at 877-277-8797.