HC Select Consulting Services

HealthCare Select provides consulting services uniquely qualified to help healthcare organizations with temporary labor support associated with short-term and long term staffing goals.

I/C 1099 Compliance

Workforce Classification / 1099 Compliance

As many employers are discovering, the misclassification of employees as independent contractors is a hot-button issue these days for workers, employers and the government . As the IRS ramps up additional resources, legislators consider bills to increase penalties that lays the burden of proof of worker status squarely on the shoulders of companies and healthcare facilities across the nation. HC Select can help mitigate the risk of misclassifying workers. We offer a three phase in-depth analysis of your current 1099 contractors to ensure your organization meet the IRS requirement for classifying 1099 consultants. We put in place a robust employment screening solutions and maintenance program to protect your organization from future threats, so you always know who you’re hiring

Project Management

Meaningful Use Project Management

Statement of Work procurement program to manage RFP projects to ensure hospitals stay on budgets and meet projected EMR, ICD-10 implementation time lines. Our systemized approach to better manage supplier resource pools, consultant’s time and attendance, expenses and schedules—saving your organization time and money.

Market Rate Analysis

Are you sure your organization is receiving competitive bill rates when it comes to obtaining contract labor? Consistent changes in demand, increase costs of wages, insurance and supplier overhead can have a big impact on labor rates. HealthCare Select can custom design a healthcare labor analysis that will provide powerful insight on the pricing and trends associated with contract labor for hospitals nationally.

Interim and Direct Placement

As specialists in interim management and direct placement services, we cultivate our own team of first-rate, professional executive placement and staffing firms equipped to address your short- and long-term management needs—ensuring your hospital maintain continuity and consistency in patient care.

Credential Tracking

A customized program designed to help our clients eliminate the risk of employees providing patient care with out of date certifications or licensure. Move effortlessly through Joint Commission or State audits by automatically producing documentation to verify compliance. Easily manage on-boarding, orientations, trainings or other internal requirements for supplier employees. All credential documents are uploaded into our web-based tracking system so managers have complete access and visibility.