Frequently Asked Questions:
Best in class vendor management solutions

How does implementing a vendor management program benefit my company?

Implementing a vendor management program results in significant hard and soft dollar savings for healthcare facilities. After conducting a detailed analysis, HC Select establishes contract terms and bill rates/ rate ranges that result in high quality contingent staff at the best price in a fast and efficient manner.

Our on-site staffing manager helps facilitate on-boarding/off-boarding and our consolidated billing reduces your invoices from 2000+ a year to one invoice weekly or bi-weekly. This accounts for true soft dollar savings. Your staff has more time to focus on your core competencies rather than managing multiple staffing suppliers. In addition, HC Select ensures a consistent process for compliance.

Do your vendor management solutions cover whole house including IT, administrative and per diem and travel staff?

All contingent staffing and independent contractors can all be included in our vendor management services. We are a full-service managed services provider. Our vendor management solutions are customized based on the unique needs of each client. We work alongside you – not as a replacement of you, facilitating your needs, and fitting into your processes.

What happens to our current contracts with staffing suppliers?

Your contracts with current staffing agencies remain in effect until the mutually agreed upon VMS “go live date” after which, those contracts will expire and the new contracts between your suppliers and HC Select go into effect.

How are job orders for contract staff, travel, per diem and direct-hire staff sent to staffing suppliers?

Job orders for direct-hire and/or contingent staff are sent to staffing suppliers via email as are any new orders or changes in the order. This web-based system ensures staffing suppliers receive job orders at the same time or are tiered as per your requirements.

How long does it take to get started and to implement a vendor management solution?

It typically takes 30-90 days to implement our vendor management services dependent on the number of client locations and the scope of the vendor management services selected.

How does vendor neutral Managed Supplier Program work?

A vendor-neutral environment ensures all suppliers receive openings at the same time. Suppliers are given access to the orders that they select to work on provided they have met certain criteria for placing people in specific positions. For example, clinical staffing agencies will only have access to orders that they have the ability to fill etc.