VMS Solutions

Open Requisition Management

  • Internet-based automated staff management system
  • Ability to tier vendors for priority order distribution
  • One source solution for all your staffing needs
  • Customizable to meet all your requirement needs
  • Access to the largest pool of available staff
  • Save both time and money by creating an efficient staffing process
  • Reduce staffing time
  • Reduce accounts payable time
  • Increase performance standards
  • Automate time slip and invoicing processes
  • Make better use of internal staff to contain agency usage

Staffing and Scheduling

  • Web-based core scheduling software
  • Optimize workforce by identifying and deploying the right staff for the right shift at the right time
  • Promote scheduling involvement through a Web-based tool
  • Benchmark performance and identify improvement opportunities through industry-leading analytical tools
  • Route staffing volume to the best-performing agencies
  • Automated text and email notifications for newly open shifts


  • Auditing, tracking and on-going monitoring of temporary credentials and performance promoting better quality and care
  • Prevent usage of non-contracted agencies and staff lacking required credentials
  • Choose only from the temporary staff that meet all of your clinical, orientation, testing, immunization and certification requirements
  • Easily review, verify and track agency staff credentials and documents online with no data entry required
  • Instantly reproduce stored copies of staff documents and profile information during Joint Commission or other quality audits

Time Keeping

  • Do away with paper timecards, invoices and cutting individual checks to agencies and pay a single, consolidated invoice for all agency services, organized by cost center
  • Hours tracking and overtime notifications and warnings

Consolidated Invoicing

  • Streamline payments to contract labor agencies
  • Statement of work and expense tracking of burn rate vs. budget
  • Integrate with most internal timekeeping client systems such as API, Kronos, Clockworks, etc.

Business Analytics

  • Executive Management reports outlines total contract labor spend full house
  • Cost Center reports details contract labor spend by cost center, hours and candidates
  • Recruitment overview displays current status on all open orders and future placement activity
  • Length of Stay report details the length of time contractors are on assignment to avoid co- employment
  • Supplier Effectiveness report details total cost by supplier, quality of candidates and overall supplier value